What is Terrawars?

Terrawars is a Terraria Event where you try to claim as much land as possible. There are 4 teams: Corruption, Crimson, Fungi, and Hallow. You need to spread your biome as much as possible throughout the land. You use items like seeds, solution, and powder to accomplish this. You must also fight off the other teams who are trying to spread their biome. Fungi is different from the others. They sell items to the other teams and don't contribute in battle or spread their biome.

What is this website?

The Terrawars Memorial, as this website is sort of officially named is the website that keeps track of all things Terrawars. The goal is to archive and organize as much as possible into an easy to read, fun to explore website.

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The Terrawars spinoff, Terrawars Golf, will be an epic golf tournament featuring countless holes.


The news section will report on any additions or changes to this website.

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Disclaimer: any instance of "I" or "ME" refers to Colind8.

Terrawars was first created by Astrex and co-created by Colind8. However, Terrawars has been hosted my a numerous amount of people. Terrawars has had a rocky road. It is a known fact that most, if not, all Terrawars fail. This is often because of its players losing interest or bad administration.

The first Terrawars was released in the peak of the 1.3 craze, and thus managed to gather over 500 players! Terrawars following aimed to try to be better than the one before which is why we're now up to 35 total Terrawars.

The community, despite its ups and downs is determined to mold the formula for Terrawars to at least get one right.

The following articles contain information and recollections of each Terrawars that has happened, including some spin-off/side events that occured within the Terrawars community.

Disclaimer: Due to the half-decade of history, some info may be vague or missing. Also be aware that some bias may leak into the articles that may be beyond my writing control.

Disclaimer 2: These current entries are from the old website and I plan to rewrite them to provide better information... eventually.

Terrawars 1

August 2016

Winners: Fungi

Success Rate: Failure

Reason for Failure: Not utilizing Tshock.

The first ever Terrawars was one to remember. Astrex posted the thread right when Terraria reached its peak. 1.3 was just recently released, and everyone was playing the game. The invite was posted on Steam and it gained up to 10,000 messages. Probably the most ever for an invite! After the thread gained major popularity, a Steam group was made for updates on the map. People began requesting a Discord server, so that was made too. It is unknown what the original thread contained due to it being deleted because of spammers. The actual event, had classes and occupations which no other Terrawars after it had. Unfortunately, the event was hosted via Steam and without Tshock. Once the event started, it went to chaos. Everyone brought bombs and top-tier armor and summoning bosses. Astrex decided to spawn 15 or so Moonlords since he knew it was over anyway. Many people left, but Fungi stayed for some reason, and they claimed victory by default. Most if not all documentation of the event was lost. The Steam Group, the discord, the thread, and the map. Over time, people grew more desperate to find that "secret formula" on how this Terrawars got so many players. I think it could've been the timing and the customization. Terrawars 1 was released right when 1.3 was released, so Terraria was more active than ever. On the other hand, this is STILL the only Terrawars to have classes and occupations, but who knows? It could've been anything.

Terrawars 2-27

August 2016 - September 2017

Success Rate: Failure

Reason for Failure: Too many events, too few players

So what happens when an event with potential fails? People copy it. 26 extra Terrawars arrised once 1 failed. One of them was run by Silva, a Hallow veteran from Terrawars 1. It failed. Another was run by Astrex again. He didn't finish the map. The rest were by random people on the Steam Forums who tried to get as popular as Terrawars 1, but they all failed. Not a single one succeeded. Probably because everyone on the Steam Forums is kinda dumb.

Terrawars 52 (28)

October 2017

Winners: Crimson

Success Rate: Complete Success

What if I told you that there was an actual successful Terrawars? Crazy, right? That actually happened. Agent, a Terrawars 1 veteran from Fungi, created his own Terrawars. Despite having a joke name, it was a complete success! Nothing went horribly wrong and the game finished. "Roses are red, violets are blue, now introducing Terrawars 52."

[insert terrawars 29 here]

Terrawars X (30)


Winners: Tie between Crimson & Hallow

Success Rate: Barely Success

Reason for Failure: Dwindling playerbase, bad management

After gaining all the knowledge over the past year and a half, Astrex and Colind8 finally set out to make a successful Terrawars. And they did, but not without its flaws. Most of the teams had defeated the wall of flesh, so the admins decided to start hardmode earlier than it was supposed to. This however proved to be a bad idea, as there was still lots of people without good enough gear to fight. This lead to people quitting before the finish date. Also, once hardmode was activated, a large stripe was planted among the world. The stripe is the big line of whatever evil biome you have. It completely through off the score. Colind8, rather than stopping the server temporarily and going to Tedit, tried removing it by hand. This lead Crimson into a tie with Hallow, the first one in Terrawars history!

Terrawars Hub


Terrawars Hub was a Discord server where we can keep everyone that participates in Terrawars in one community. Sound like a good idea? Well, everything went down from there. From transferring ownership to an absolute stranger in a month to admins delivering unrelated events while we "wait" for a Terrawars. I don't want to talk much about the events that have occurred as the literal D-day for the server was one of the worst experiences of my life. It's something to leave in the past and forget about.

Terrawars Nova (31)

[ to be written ]

Terrawars Proxima (32)

[ to be written ]

Winterwars (33)


[ to be written ]

Terrawars Phoenix (34)


Winners: Crimson

Success Rate: Slight Success

Reason for Failure: Lack of participants

After a long break from Terrawars, a person named iFlicky decided to make his own Terrawars. This Terrawars revolved around arenas and custom structures to give the Terrawars a unique twist. While the event finished with Crimson as the winner, there wasn't anyone really playing. On average, the event had 1-2 people online per day. The reason Crimson won was because the only person playing on the final days was a Crimson member. The event only accumulated 38 players while other Terrawars gathered about 100 players.

Terrawars Y (35)


Winners: Corruption

Success Rate: Success

After an even longer break from Terrawars, community member Cic1e, with the help of Agent, set out to create the greatest Terrawars to date! However, there were changes to the usual Terrawars formula. This time, team Fungi was completely removed. This left the only three joinable teams being Crimson, Corruption, and Hallow. Fungi would be replaced by a currency system that uses Shroomite bars. Players gained these Shroomite bars from various events, such as build contests.

By far the biggest change, however, was that there was a $270 prize pool for the winners. The distribution of the prize money was determined by a mini-Terrawars between the winning team. The winner of the grand prize of $200 was community member Mariothedog.

Another fairly large change was how players gained Solution. Before, most people had to buy it from the Steampunker. In Terrawars Y, hardmode is disabled and regenerating chests were set up that fills itself with a certain amount of the team's solution every hour. Players could also purchase Solution using the previously mentioned Shroomite.

Crimson overall was the lowest in terms of winning. Team Hallow, for the first time, was winning for most of the Event's span. Corruption was roughly in the middle, but in the last few hours they brought it up to a win. This marks the first time Corruption had ever won a Terrawars.

With no heavy drop in player counts, no faulty administration, no weird glitches that ruined the whole thing, and many things that kept the playerbase on the edge of their seats, this Terrawars is marked as the 2nd completely successful Terrawars.

Terrawars Hub (Reformed)


In a sudden turn of events, community member Cic1e aquired the server, from the previous owner Monkeybutt, to revert it to its original purpose: A hub for Terrawars. It won't be terribly active, but it doesn't have to be. It was brought back to the simple goal of keeping the community together when they want to partake in another Terrawars.

Terrawars Z (36)


Winners: Hallow

Success Rate: Successish

[ to be written ]

The Archives

The Archives is the official attempt at cataloging everything Terrawars that has ever happened. It includes everything: images, screenshots, discord servers links, documents, and more.

If YOU have anything like a screenshot of a Terrawars, please send it our way!

Disclaimer: any instance of "I" or "ME" refers to Colind8.